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Your Vote Matters

Has this election year left you disappointed? A little jaded? I think you’re among a plethora of folks who feel the same way.  Some of you have your minds made up, you’re either voting for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump (whether it’s because you are Pro-Trump, Pro-Hilary, Anti-Trump, Anti-Hilary, or some combination) and this article […]

Reasons to Donate Blood (Selfish Points First)

Have you ever donated blood before? Maybe at your school or church blood drive? Maybe you’re one who just loves to give to help people.  It seems as though most of the time, the Red Cross uses advertisements telling you you can save lives and help someone else out and while that is all true […]


In the Dark, there lurk things. Wicked things, with even more wicked intentions. They prey on those lingering doubts of your own self-worth. They long to transform you into a thing of the Dark. To drag you into the abyss. There you lose all sight that you were ever human. That you ever mattered at […]