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Your Vote Matters

Has this election year left you disappointed? A little jaded? I think you’re among a plethora of folks who feel the same way.  Some of you have your minds made up, you’re either voting for Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump (whether it’s because you are Pro-Trump, Pro-Hilary, Anti-Trump, Anti-Hilary, or some combination) and this article may not apply to you.  I want to say a word directed at those who haven’t made up their minds on what to do or worse, have decided to forego voting entirely.

I know what you’ve seen in the news and read online and I think if we’re honest, we are not happy with the moral fiber (or lack thereof) of the two prime candidates of this year’s election (Trump’s lewd comments and apology for them {1}, Clinton’s laugh at getting a pedophile a lesser punishment {2}, not to mention the past crude behavior of one and the outright lies told by another, but hey, maybe he or she has turned over a new leaf).  This isn’t meant to tell you not to vote for your candidate, but let’s be upfront about what is going on.  You can all dig into these people’s past and, honestly, you may be more interested in their policies than them as people and I’m here to tell you, that is your right as an American Citizen.  It is also your right to vote for someone else, because it comes down to your conscience on these matters.  You may think that well I’m voting for him/her to make sure the other doesn’t get into office.  If that is what you think is best, more power to you.  Just be sure you’re going with someone who respects the people’s rights.

Now, let’s to turn our attention to those who plan to “miss” the voting day.  I really think you should reconsider.  If you aren’t going to vote for either one, why not write-in the name of the person you liked in the primary (and there is, of course, third party)?  You loved Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders or someone totally off the radar?  Write his or her name in the ballot. This does two things: First, you’re letting your  congressmen and representatives know that you were not happy with the caliber of candidates this year and you’re letting your voice be heard.  Second, you still somewhat tell your congressmen and representatives what kind of policies you support by telling them who you would have in office (which more than likely means they will probably elect the prime candidate who most closely represents that view, almost like an indirect vote, then again, they are mostly indirect anyway {3}. But still can clear your conscience that you voted for who you really thought was truly the best candidate).  I think we have a big opportunity to let our representatives know how we the people feel.  Don’t be afraid to let your opinion be heard.  This is still an America that believes in freedom of speech, thought, and religion.  Put it into action.

And if you’re worried about either candidate being elected, I would highly recommend you look into the Convention of States (coming from Article V of the U.S. Constitution).  States banning together to make sure Federal Government doesn’t stick it’s nose in the affairs of the States too much.  Research and join up.  Time to speak up.

One last thing.  You may disagree with me on this but the honest truth is that God is still in control no matter who is in charge.  Jesus still saves, we are forgiven!  So it may be an old saying but it still holds true, “Do your best and let God do the rest.”


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