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Action Comics #957 Review


Specs from DCComics.com:

“PATH TO DOOM” Chapter One

Superman returns to Metropolis just in time to meet the city of tomorrow’s newest protector: Lex Luthor. But it’s not long before these dueling titans meet someone unexpected — the new Clark Kent!

DON’T MISS: ACTION COMICS returns to its original numbering with this issue!


Art by: Patrick Zircher

Cover by: Mikel Janin

Variant cover by: Ryan Sook

Written by: Dan Jurgens

Series: ACTION COMICS 2016

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: Jun 8 2016

Volume/Issue #: 957

Color/B&W: Color

Trim Size: Comic

Page Count: 32


Rating 7 out of 10

*Spoiler Warning* Turn back know if you have not read Superman #52 and DC Comics Rebirth #1 and do not want spoilers.  You have been sufficiently warned!


Spinning out of the pages of Superman #52, DC Universe: Rebirth #1, and Superman: Rebirth #1, this title lives up to its name by starting with a bank heist thwarted by none other than the protector of Metropolis… Lex Luthor!?  With the death of the Post-Flashpoint Superman Lex Luthor wastes no time in using the death of the world’s greatest hero to jump into the spotlight.  Unfortunately for him (fortunately for us), Pre-Flashpoint Superman is back and he has vowed to protect the world (and his family) out in the open to honor his fallen alternate world self/”brother”.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that it is issue #957. Action Comics has gone back to its original numbering adding them together since 1938 and the first appearance of Superman and will be the first comic series to ever hit #1000! A big deal and I’m sure they’ll have a big story coming our way to celebrate!

**To explain what the Flashpoint is very quickly was a DC Universe event when the Flash changed history while time traveling and while fixing it a new timeline was created from the old. Pre-Flashpoint Superman (Pre-S) married Lois Lane, was killed by Doomsday, and subsequently was brought back to life (I grew up with this Superman). Post-Flashpoint Superman (Post-S) is younger and hasn’t been around as long but was the new universe but has some pretty fun stories over the past 5 years (unfortunately, he has now died saving the world). Now that you’re caught up, let’s continue.

The Good:

Action to start us off with Luthor busting up the bank heist (or did he?) and the confrontation between the newly return (Pre-S) Superman felt like classic Superman-Luthor confrontation.  Luther knows this isn’t the Superman he knew (Post-S) and claims he must be some sort of imposter and I think all the bad blood Superman (Pre-S) had with his own Lex Luthor made him somewhat rash leading to a fight. Superman’s son, Jon, was cheering him on the entire time while watching it all on TV (I love that Superman has a family of his own now, opens up for all new stories and possibilities and gives a lot more heart that has somewhat lacking in recent years).  Also, the return of Clark Kent (how can he be back if Post-S is dead?) opens up a mystery which leaves you guessing.  Plus, what could raise the stakes of the return of Superman? How about the return of the monster who once killed him? That’s right, get ready for Doomsday!

I am really excited to see the return of this Superman, and now he has a family of his own! cannot wait to see how this develops him and his world.  It’s about time! I loved that I was born at a time that many superheroes were married/getting married in comics.  I just find that it opens up for even more stories of hardship and triumph.  Now it’s marriage plus kids!

The Bad:

Story was a little lacking and rushed the return of Superman.  A bigger moment would have been preferred.  Superman didn’t save anyone from anything.  If fact, he started a fight.  Not a great way to return.


Other Thoughts:

It’s exciting to see a whole new world of stories open up now that (Pre-S) Superman is back in the spotlight of the world (and living on a farm just outside of Metropolis!).  I always loved the marriage of Lois and Clark and am so glad they brought them back.  The Post-Flashpoint world made all the DC Universe characters younger and most were then reverted back to Single status, plus Lois and Clark in the Post-Flashpoint world never even had a romantic relationship at anytime!  It was enough to make a long-time fan a sad shade of blue.  But they haven’t simply brought back the fantastic and grounding love and marriage of the most recognizable couple in comics, they’ve added to the story with their son Jon! It’s Superman’s turn to be Pa Kent as his son starts developing poets of his own.

Definitely want to check out what’s next for the Man of Steel.


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