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Huck #1 Review


Specs from ImageComics.com:

Story By: Mark Millar

Art By: Rafael Albuquerque

Cover By: Rafael Albuquerque

Variant Cover By: Rafael Albuquerque

Published: November 18, 2015

Diamond ID: SEP150568

Digital : $2.99

Print: $3.50

In a quiet seaside town, Huck uses his special gifts to do a good deed each day. His neighbors return the favors by keeping his abilities a secret. But when a newcomer alerts the media, a firestorm erupts, sending Huck on an adventure that will change everything. This brand-new series from writer MARK MILLAR and artist RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE presents a comicbook unlike anything you’ve read before. Featuring a Feel-Good Movie variant cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE.

Score: 8 out of 10

Left with a note asking, “Please love him,” as a baby, Huck has been raised to try and do at least one good deed a day and he has the superpowers do do some pretty big good deeds!  Some see him as the slow man who works at the gas station but most of the town knows he has power beyond those of mortal men and the biggest heart you’ll ever find.

The Good:

This book has so much potential.  The art (by Rafael Albuquerque and colored by Dave McCaig) has a quality about it that makes you think old-fashion mixed with adventure and thats exactly what I’m hoping to get from this series.  In recent interviews, Millar has expressed that this is a story like that of a classic Superman story, a man with amazing powers who chooses to use these gifts for the good of others.  I honestly loved the introduction of this story, giving you an average look at Huck’s week, doing random acts of good for folks in his town, most of the time, without them ever knowing it was him.  With so many stories of dark, tormented anti-heroes, I can take a breath of fresh air with this new story.  Excited to see where this goes.

The Bad:

It’s the first issue, nothing really “bad” about it, the story has only just begun.

Other Thoughts:

It’s also seems to be good for all ages (you sadly don’t find that as much in comics these days even though these are superheroes and I’m sure kids would love to have more stories that they could read) however, he does deal with kidnappers in North Africa who have kidnapped a group of young girls and tells them they will make great wives, there is nothing particularly vulgar in what is said but we obviously know it is meant as an evil future acts on these innocent girls (don’t worry, Huck steps in to save the day). So if that freaks you out then, yes, steer clear.

All in all, a fantastic start to an interesting new series.  Hope it does well and that the goodness at the heart of the story rubs off on some of the other big superhero comics out there.




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