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Daredevil Season 1 Review


From IMDB.com:

Official Sites: Official Facebook

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 10 April 2015

Also Known As: Marvel’s Daredevil

Runtime: 60 min

Taglines: The man without fear

Genres: Action | Crime

Certificate: TV-MA

Rating 9 out of 10

Looking for something to binge watch on Netflix?  Well look no further!  Daredevil delivers a great story full of gritty action, great plot, scary villains, and even tougher heroes.

Matt Murdock was blinded by radioactive material while saving the life of a man in a crosswalk, while he lost his eyesight; the chemicals enhanced his other senses exponentially.  He has trained his mind and body since a boy and fights to defend the defenseless in his day job as a lawyer and as his alter ego, fights the battles that are out of the law’s hands.  He is the Man without Fear, Daredevil (but he doesn’t get his superhero name till the last episode haha).

The Good:

There is a ton to love about this show.  Great plot great action (seriously, lots of fun), complex characters and a little bit of faith. The fights are fantastic (but sometimes quite brutal.  If you’re squeamish, be advised.  Most likely not suitable for most kids) mixing martial arts, ricocheting billy clubs, and some full out brawling.  They make it feel real, and you can almost feel the blows as your see them on screen (Daredevil dishes it out, but boy he can take a beating like no other).

The characters are great.  You love Daredevil (the main protagonist, so kind of a given) and the struggles that he has.  Losing his sight, his father, lying to his friends, his questions of right, wrong, faith, and everything in between.  Foggy Nelson is hilarious, cracking jokes but just when you least expect it, he’s a hero (in his own way).  Wilson Fisk (the Kingpin) is spectacularly scary one moment and so delicate the next that you’re sitting there watching, almost stressing when he might freak out again (never go near an open car door with him).  Everyone pieces together an interwoven tale of a battle for the soul of a city.

This show explores some interesting concept of what is right and wrong.  Just because something is lawful, does that make it right? What if to do the right thing, you must step outside of the law?  What is evil?  How do you stay a good man and still fight that evil?  Can one man make a difference?

Another great aspect I love about this show is that they don’t get bogged down in romantic drama (who is dating, who is upset by them dating, will they won’t they?).  Don’t get me wrong, I like a little romance in my movies and TV shows but I hate the back and forth, they heartbreaks and the betrayals.  Be together or don’t, stop making the show all about that.  This show has romance (but not on the side that you would expect) and it flows quite nicely, some ups and downs and moves right along, not dragged out and really repetitive like most shows (seriously, can no one write interesting stories of people who love each other and stand together even when things get tough?  That’s a topic for another time I suppose).

I like Matt’s (Daredevil) discussions about good and evil with the priest (Daredevil is Catholic) and how his faith shapes his decisions and views of right and wrong.  Interesting and thought provoking.

Great series and I really enjoyed it.  Very excited for what comes next.

The Bad:

As I said, there are some great action scenes and its very heavy in the beginning.  The problem is that they lay off the action and start diving more into the mystery of how to legally take down the bad guy.  That was a disappointment for me.  Yes, I want to see the show develop cerebrally, but can’t you do half action scenes and half thinking?  Most all the episodes are action packed but then the later episodes get less and less, which is a shame because they were so well done (great job fight coordinator).

Other Thoughts:

Will be interested to see interaction with other superheroes that are on this “Defenders” lineup and how they will interact.  I hope they bring some other great Daredevil characters in and get a little bit more swashbuckling adventurer Daredevil going.  I like the realism of the show but lets have fun with it too!


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