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Lady Mechanika #4 (Finally!) Review

Lady Mechanika #4

Specs from JoeBenitez.com:

Pencils:  Joe Benitez

Colors:  Peter Steigerwald & Mike Garcia

Retail Release Date:  February 18, 2015

The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse, Chapter Four

Lady Mechanika’s investigation of the mechanical corpse leads her to Lord Blackpool, a weapons dealer with whom she’s had a prior disagreeable altercation.  When she hears that the grand scientific symposium Mechani-Con is holding its annual Masquerade Ball aboard Blackpool’s new airship the Helio-Arx, she devises a plan to sneak on board and search for clues, but she isn’t the only unexpected guest.

Score 9 out of 10

She’s finally back ladies and gentlemen! Time for Lady Mechanika to look into the strange happenings going on on Lord Blackpool’s floating Helio Arx.  She goes undercover to a masquerade ball on the Arx to investigate what happen to the body of the mechanical girl, Seraphina, is it one of Blackpool’s goons who took her? Guess she’ll need to bust (or wing, as it were) in to find out.  We have another visitor, Mr. Gitano, Seraphina’s father, who crashes the ball to help Lady Mechanika find out what happened to his daughter, but he’s keeping a secret.  There was something special about Seraphina, something that could help Lord Blackpool create mechanical monstrosities!

The Good:

As always, amazing art (just too bad that it takes so long Benitez so long to make it, but hey, it’s beautiful).  Lady Mechanika is so cool under pressure, always a lady, but totally ready to kick some butt (“Sir, per chance, can you swim?”).  Liked the masquerade scene and really wanna know who it is behind that raven mask (an ally or perhaps someone from Lady M’s past, the guy who took Seraphina’s body?).  What is the significance of Lady Mechanika’s gear cross?

We find out there is something special in the blood of the family of Seraphina, wether it be the blood of demons or angels, we do not know.  I love it when they mix in a little of the spiritual world into mix.

The Bad:

Not tons of action but made up in the charm of the characters.

Other Thoughts:

My wife (a huge steampunk and tough lady fan) and I love Lady Mechanika.  If you like steampunk, tough ladies kicking butt, mysteries, or even just love great comic book art, this is the comic for you (just hope it can stay on schedule haha)


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