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Superman Unchained #8 Review

Bring the Pain!

Bring the Pain!

Specs from DCComics.com:

On Sale Date: Sep 10, 2014

Art by: Scott Williams, Jim Lee

Backup Art by: Dustin Nguyen

Cover by: Scott Williams, Jim Lee

Variant cover by: Joe Prado, Ivan Reis, Jock, Jim Lee

Written by: Scott Snyder

U.S. Price: 3.99

It’s all going to hell as cosmic-level war breaks out! The full truth of who — or what — Wraith is finally comes to light!

Score: 8 out of 10

A fun brawl issue! We see the big confrontation between Superman and Wraith (someone who has more powers than even Big Blue!), and just how Superman hopes to deal with him.  From across the globe, to the moon and back, this battle tears across these beautiful pages (thanks to Jim Lee) and we find out if Wraith is as tough as he says.  As to the winner of this struggle… guess you’ll need to read it and find out.  Also we see just what is calling from the Earthstone, friend or foe?


Great as always for the superstar team-up of writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee.  Snyder has a fantastic grasp on storytelling and a great understanding of Superman and the characters surrounding him, as seen in this series.  Jim Lee’s art is breathtaking as always and creates a world I feel as though I could step into (that’s how engrossed I am with the story and the art, nothing else seems to be going on around me).  Love Superman going up against someone who is faster, stronger and has more powers than himself, and still trying to figure out a way to beat the guy.  Never gives up, no matter the odds.


Not much to say here besides that I wish there was more to it.


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