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Inhuman #3 Review

Inhuman #3

Specs from Marvel.com:

Published: August 13, 2014

Rating: Rated T+

Writer: Charles Soule

Cover Artist: Joe Madureira

 Joe Madureira

Price: $3.99

The first arc of Inhuman climaxes in the battle of Medusa vs. Lash! • Uncover the secret history of an ancient branch of Inhumans! • A new Inhuman named Flint sees his world fall apart before his eyes!


Score 8 out of 10

Great issue.  Finally get a face-off between Lash (the antagonist from the 1st issue) and the forces of Queen Medusa and Attilan.  Dante finally gets his superhero name, Inferno (I see what they did there, read your famous epic poems by Italian poets if you don’t), and he gets to suit up with the rest of the Inhumans.  Danger looms.

The Good:

Said this before, but I dig Joe Mad’s art, very unique, and the digital coloring really makes it pop.  Enjoyed the big battle at the end and the contrast between Lash (who very nearly killed his own troops) and the Inhumans lead by Medusa (working together and protecting one another, heck, sometimes protecting the enemy).  Get to see a group of super powered people go toe-to-toe and make a fun battle to watch.  We get to see a little bit more of what life is like in Orollan (the home of Lash’s people) and some of the NuHumans (new Inhumans) he has brought into his fold.

The Bad:

As much as I love Joe Mad’s art, there typically is a major delay in getting the issues out.  Now, it could have been other forces which held the issue back for a couple weeks and if there is, let me know.  The delays are difficult to deal with but I’m hoping that because Marvel is gearing up for an Inhuman movie, they’ll put a great effort into making this series interesting to the readers.

Other Thoughts (Spoilers):

After kicking Lash’s tail (he didn’t have much time to train his group so maybe they’ll become more of a threat in the future, or he’ll acquire some major talent) Medusa tells Lash that a major threat approaches Earth, coming for the Inhumans and may just destroy the Earth in the process.  All the Inhumans need to stand together and need to find the “traits” that have been lost over generations.

When Medusa approaches Dante about confronting Lash, he first says he’ll be her soldier if she will take care of his pregnant sister, but she instead responds by saying that they are part of the Inhuman family now, and they take care off there own.  This is in contrast to Lash, who brings a new Inhuman to Orollan and after introducing him to some other NuHumans, is given the advice that he should be very cautious when talking about Lash (as apparently, there were two other NuHumans which aren’t around anymore…).  One side extends mercy and loyalty, while the other, fear and repression.

I’m very interested in seeing where this series will go.  New characters offering a fresh perspective on the Marvel Universe and the shifting Status Quo.  Normal people finding themselves thrown right in the middle of the action.


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