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Earth 2 #25 Review


Val-Zod, a new Superman

Val-Zod, a new Superman

Specs from DCComics:

Art by: Trevor Scott, Nicola Scott

Cover by: Andy Kubert

Written by: Tom Taylor

U.S. Price: 3.99

On Sale Date: Jul 2 2014

In this extra-sized issue, Val-Zod finally accepts his role as the new Superman of Earth 2 as he faces the twisted, brutal original Superman, who once protected the planet but now prepares it for Apokolips and the forces of Darkseid.


Score: 6 out of 10

Enjoyed this issue.  Good action and good art with some good story to it.  Now keep in mind, this is the first issue of Earth 2 I’ve read (figured, no better time than when a new Superman makes the cover) so I may not cover all the details that go with the overarching story.  Val-Zod tells of his origins and begins to accept his new role as Superman.  The old Superman, now overtaken by Darkseid’s influence, takes Lois (who died but has been put into the body of Red Tornado, still a lady) to have dinner with his parents, scared out of their minds of this evil Superman.  Val-Zod then decides that it’s his job to fix what this evil Superman has destroyed.

The Good:

Wow, a world where Superman has been corrupted is a dangerous place to be.  Hate how he’s evil on this world but that’s what Darkseid does I suppose.  Plus the whole pint of this series was to change known characters and see if things had gone a different way, and they have.  Like Val-Zod, seems like an interesting character and should be out in the action now that he’s taken flight in his suit.  Even an evil Superman makes time for his parents… kinda and he still loves Lois in his messed up, brainwashed mind but he no longer can think for himself anymore with whatever was done to him on Apokolips.

The Bad:

Well, for a comic that teased the debut of the “Rise of a Superman,” he had very little to do with what was going on but now that he’s taken flight and believes in what he’s doing, I’m sure Val-Zod will impress.


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