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Mighty Samson: Judgment TPB Review


Specs courtesy of DarkHorse.com:

Writer: Jim Shooter

Artist: Patrick Olliffe

Inker: Mark Irwin

Colorist: Dan Jackson

Cover Artist: Raymond Swanland

Genre: Classic

 Publication Date: February 29, 2012

Format: FC, 96 pages, TP, 7″ x 10″

Price: $15.99

Age range: 12

ISBN-10: 1-59582-871-0

ISBN-13: 978-1-59582-871-2

Five hundred years after the end of the world, the N’Yark tribe survives amid the ruins of a once-great city scourged by mutated monsters, marauders, and subhuman predators. But from among the N’Yark arises a champion who can vanquish the most fearsome beast and stand alone against an army. He holds at bay the murderous hordes of Jerz and the dark ambitions of the beautiful, ruthless Queen Terra. Mighty Samson may be the last, best hope for humankind.

 * Written by industry legend Jim Shooter.

 “A treasure of an action comic that you won’t be able to put down.” -Comic Attack


Score: 9 out of 10

I know, I know, this old (is two years old in comic world?).  Don’t care cause this is great!  Five hundred years after the fall of civilization (destruction and regression starting in the 22nd century, bringing us to the 27th), Man has only barely held on, but now things seem to have regressed back to the Iron Age with swords, slavery, and right by strength of arms; also lets not forget some fresh new twists, there are giant mutant monsters and remnants of 22nd Century technology to make everything extremely dangerous for the the tribes of the world.  We start with the N’Yark Tribe (living in the remains of New York, see the resemblance?) under attack by the Jerz (Jer-Z, Jersey… I see what you did there.  Will New York forever hate New Jersey and visa versa? According to this comic, yes, yes they will).  While a mother gives birth to her infant son, the Jerz, led by a tool of a Captain by the name of Sunder, call a truce and then break in when the Judge of the N’Yark (a judge like in the Bible where he or she [yeah there was a female Judge in the Bible, deal with it] are a military leader or ruler) opens to speak to the Jerz (like I said, jerks).  When Sunder demands the new mother as a slave, he attempts to kill her infant son who then tears off Sunder’s finger like it was a wet piece of toilet paper.  Some other stuff goes down and the mother escapes with her infant son stumbling upon an ancient order who keep the teachings and laws from thousands of years ago and when they are told about the child’s unnatural strength, they name the child Samson, after a great figure in their teachings.  Fast forward twenty years, Samson and his mother return to the N’Yark tribe while it is under attack by thousands of Jerz, so what does Mighty Samson do?  What he does best, grabs the jawbone of a donkey (just like his predecessor of the same name) and fights off the army of the Jerz and Sunder (who is still bitter about his missing finger. Let it go man), becoming the hero of the N’Yark Tribe.  This is the (new) beginning of the Mighty Samson.

The Good:

Where to start… I love Samson because not only is he an awesome, super-strong, invulnerable warrior, but because he actually cares about doing the right thing which can be a real struggle at times and he doesn’t always choose correctly.  He’s not perfect, he’s human.  Love some of the monsters he fights and random shows of strength.  For example, approaching the Queen of Jerz (evil woman by the name of Terra) he fights a three-headed sea beast and then lets the Jerz take him captive (to their relief) in chains.  Once in the Queen’s throne room, Samson breaks his chains only to ask for the release of the children of a woman he met within the N’Yark tribe who had lost her will to live after her children were taken.  Queen Terra (Terra meaning earth, so she’s basically earthly desires as opposed to heavenly desires, which plays into the story well) is a cruel Queen who will take whatever she wants, whenever she wants it.  Sharmaine begins as Samson’s feisty slave but grows to love Samson for his honor and courage, Samson frees her when he has a good long thought about slavery and believes it to be wrong.   The monsters and the future tech salvaged from the 22nd century add a great mix to this post-apocalypse, past-future era, providing a great struggle for the Mighty Samson.

Also, the covers by Raymond Swanland, amazing!

Loved all the parallels to the original Samson in the Bible too.  Super Strength, Jawbone of a donkey, long hair, clever (except when it comes to women), and a good guy in the end.  Mightiest warrior under Heaven.

The Bad:

Only complaint, they didn’t continue the series! Why!? I feel like there are so many possibilities with this character in this world.  No one even seemed to give it a real chance.  Bring it back! Or maybe I’ll work on my own?


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