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Superman #31 Review


Specs from DCComics.com:

Art by: Ed Benes

Cover by: Ed Benes

Variant cover by: Mike Allred

Written by: Scott Lobdell

U.S. Price: 2.99

On Sale Date: May 28, 2014

“SUPERMAN: DOOMED” continues as Superman continues to change. Plus, Lois’s psi powers spike again as we see the looming shadow of Brainiac!


Score: 7 out of 10

Doomsday’s spores continue to transform the Man of Steel into the very monster he sought to protect the world from only a few issues ago.  The greatest minds on the planet (including Lex Luthor) are racing to find a solution but is Superman beyond saving?  As Superman continues to lose more and more of himself, he requests Lois Lane for, perhaps, his last interview, but she’s not exactly herself (as we can see on the cover) but then again, neither is Superman.  How much longer until the Last Son of Krypton becomes a murderous monster and tries to destroy the world? Guess we’ll have to keep reading!

The Good:

Some good dialogue between Superman and Lois (still holding out for when they’ll be together again) even when Lois went all Brainiac on us, because I think it shows the connection these two have and what she means to Supes.  Also liked Lex in this issue, while still a villain, he’s great to state the hard facts facing Superman.  Lex doesn’t particularly like him so he’s not all that worried about what happens to Superman but I’m sure he’d like nothing more than to save the earth from the “threat of Superman”.

The Bad:

The art jumped around after a few pages, then back, then away again.  Liked the cover art by Ed Benes but I’m sure some of the interior art changed to a different artist from the first few pages in.  I understand sometimes they do that for time’s sake to get the issues out on time but I still don’t like it.  Other than that, the cover is misleading (but still great) cause I wanted to see a little Superman/Brainiac-Controlled-Lois  action, duking it out and Superman trying to keep his transformation in check, but maybe next time!

Other Thoughts:

Overall, enjoyed this issue and looking forward to the next part of the story.


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