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Superman/Wonder Woman #8 Review


Specs from DCComics.com:

Art by: Batt , Tony S. Daniel

Cover by: Batt , Tony S. Daniel

Variant cover by: Mike Allred

Written by: Charles Soule

On Sale: May 14, 2014

Price: $3.99

Rated T

Continued from this month’s SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1! Wonder Woman must deal with what Superman is becoming. Will she have to slay her lover to save him?


Rating: 8 out of 10

Even the best of relationships hit a couple of bumps in the road, right?  Just wish this one wasn’t mutating Clark into a new Doomsday!  People close to Clark have noticed a subtle but peculiar change in Clark.  What’s gotten under his skin?  Doomsday spores and they’re changing him from the inside out.  Wonder Woman tracks down Clark who is becoming very scary and creepy as his physical appearance changes into more and more like that of Doomsday.  Any dark thought Superman has had is coming to the surface and he doesn’t want to continue living this way, even if that means his death.  Wonder Woman and Batman put their heads together to come up with a solution before Superman is too far gone and too powerful to overcome.

The Good:

Get to see into some of Clark’s (aka Superman’s) doubts about himself and his life while this transformation is going on.  While he isn’t a world killer yet, he becomes very menacing sitting in the shadows and berating Wonder Woman.  While infected, you still can’t keep a good Superman down.  He tells Diana (aka Wonder Woman) to kill him while he still has some sense (he doesn’t want to become a monster who would destroy the world)but she refuses (at least until there’s no other way).  SuperDoom doesn’t like her answer.

Great art in this issue.  Really love Tony Daniel’s work.

The Bad: 

Feel like they could have drawn out the fight a little more, even into another issue.  For example, Superman decides he’ll force Wonder Woman to kill him and then brawl a little bit.  While Superman is slowly being corrupted by this infection, which is bad, I still count it as a win showing how much he’s fighting this disease.


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