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Superman: Doomed #1 Review


Specs from DCComics.com:

Art by: Ken Lashley

Cover by: Ken Lashley

Variant cover by: Eduardo Risso

Written by: Charles SouleGreg PakScott Lobdell

U.S. Price: $4.99

On Sale Date: May 14, 2014

Rated T

Beginning the super-event you have been waiting for in The New 52: Superman vs. Doomsday in a way you’ve never seen before! And with Doomsday’s deadly new abilities, in this battle there can be no winners. The Man of Steel must unleash insane levels of power in order to do the job, only to terrify the world he’s saving. Beating Doomsday is only the beginning of this never ending battle!

Rating: 8 out of 10

When a monster strong enough to kill Superman comes back even bigger and badder than when Superman fought him the first time around, you know you’re in trouble.  How about a Doomsday that can suck the energy and life force out of whatever is around him up to about a hundred yards?  The world is in trouble and it could mean the end of everything if someone doesn’t stop him.  After seeing the destruction of Doomsday firsthand, Superman knows he must stop Doomsday anyway he can.  He wrestles with the question, “Should I kill him (if he can)? And will it change me into a monster?” All the while, Everyone in Smallville has fallen into a coma and its up to Lois Lane and Lana Lang to figure out why.  When looking at the options of how to protect the Earth and defeat Doomsday, the Justice Leagues newest (and most loathed) teammate Lex Luthor suggest that Doomsday is absorbing so much energy to take down and drain Superman and that if Superman would leave (sure Luthor, no hidden agenda there) that Doomsday may leave the planet alone.  Shockingly enough, Superman agrees (but puts a twist on the plan).  I’ll let you check it out to see how it goes.


The Good:

While Superman has always had a strict no-kill policy, he struggles with the notion that he may need to make an exception if Doomsday is going to destroy the entire planet.  His conversation with Perry White (albeit a coded conversation to keep his secret) gives a great source of encouragement to Clark while he is making his decision.  Doomsday was pretty scary and his new power shows just how dangerous he is.  No other hero but Superman can stand to be around him (and Superman will still be dead in about ten minutes).  This creates a great deal of drama at the impending doom of the planet unless action is taken.  For a couple of stories now, Superman has been accused of being a catalyst for the Earth’s destruction because of his knack for attracting alien threats (but come on, those guys find him usually because they want him to join and use his powers for themselves or they want to beat him because he’s one of the most powerful guys around and they want to make a name for themselves).  Could this be that destruction? Guess we’ll find out! And this is only Part 1!

Really loved the art for this one.  Really painted the scenes well.

The Bad:

No real complaints. Wished there was a little more of a drawn out battle but it is only Part 1.


Heres the checklist for the Superman: Doomed storyline.  Grab the issues or what for the collected graphic novel.  Either way, check out this story.  Looks to be a great one:



Other Thoughts (aka Dil’s Soapbox):

While there are many people who say Superman is ridiculous for not killing, I commend him for it.  Life is sacred and even the worst person can change.  Now with that said, I do think there is a difference between killing and murder.  When you respect life, like Superman does, I believe killing to defend life or someone who has violated the sacredness of life by murdering for whatever reason without any remorse, has given up his or her life.  There is always forgiveness but that implies the person feels bad for what he or she has done.  It should not be the first thing a superhero does but only a last resort and it would be appropriate for the superhero to feel bad about it.  No one should want to kill.  Would it be wrong for Superman to stop Doomsday by killing him? I don’t think so. Is that what he does? Guess you’ll have to grab the issue and find out for yourself.


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