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Superman Unchained #6 Review


From DCComics.com:

Backup Art by:Dustin Nguyen
Variant cover by:Scott WilliamsJim Lee
Written by:Scott Snyder
The Man of Tomorrow and the Superman of yesterday go at it—no holds barred! Supes goes full throttle after his would-be ally, Wraith, in a seismic battle ranging from deep space to the ocean’s floor and ultimately the core of the earth! Meanwhile, Lois Lane holds the key to defeating Ascension, but she needs to reach the Fortress of Solitude to ensure its safekeeping—not to mention hers! And she’s being pursued by a heavily armed force, and it isn’t Ascension!
Great Issue!  This series has been great in all areas, art, story, and the best part of Superman: Action! Love Jim Lee’s art and the power he brings to all the characters (bad guys definately included).  While he all know Superman is the hero, Lois Lane kicks butt in her own way, while we still aren’t sure whether Wraith can be trusted (looking more and more like no).  While Wraith may not be as heroic as Superman, he is interesting in the way he is dedicated to America and it’s military and even very reasonable at times but he goes a little dark this issue (I’ll let you read it for yourself).  Been loving Scott Snyder’s story for the Man of Steel and hope the good times keep on rolling!

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