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In the Dark, there lurk things. Wicked things, with even more wicked intentions. They prey on those lingering doubts of your own self-worth. They long to transform you into a thing of the Dark. To drag you into the abyss. There you lose all sight that you were ever human. That you ever mattered at all. In that Darkness, in that despair, you need to remember one thing: You can never have absolute Darkness.

Hold on to those little Lights. That single friend who always makes you laugh. Or the simply company of a loving pet. Grab onto even smaller Lights. The breeze on your face. The warmth of sunlight. A simple bite of chocolate. Begin to examine the thousands of tiny miracle that build up an amazing world. Change these little flickers into blazing fires. Add up all these little joys into a mountain of happiness. It may never be the world that was meant to be but maybe it’s time to make a little slice of paradise all your own.


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