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Dreaming Doesn’t Always End When You Wake Up

Have you ever had a dream where once you woke up you suddenly realized everything you had just done, said, and felt didn’t actually happen?

I woke up this morning from a dream about a girl. Not even a real girl. The thing is I thought she was real in these dreams. Oddly enough, it wasn’t easy to get her.  She drove me insane at times and at one point in the dream I wanted to throw in the towel and give up but every time, with every problem, she would smile and I knew I couldn’t let her go.  I even competed with another guy to show her I wouldn’t give her up without a fight. I can’t even remember if I got her in the end. I woke up too soon. I’d like to think I did. Now for the thought I’ve been building to: How can the feelings feel so very real?

Now it seems crazy but, yes, it seems the feelings I had for a subconscious thought left a sad feeling in myself because it wasn’t real as I figured out I was awake and it got me feeling really down. Can you say psychological problems?  It’s odd what our dreams create from our inner mind that can affect us so deeply.  Maybe that’s why God put dreams into the design of sleeping. So we can see our inner wishes in a reality all our own even if we never actually see it or experience it. Not to say dreams can’t come true but some people don’t get that. At least we get a little taste.


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