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Beware the Moon

By Dillon Fortin

I could smell her blood. A mix of adrenaline and fear added in after she saw what gashed her shoulder. She ran. I gotta let them run or my fun don’t last long. She tried to scream but no noise could be heard. Maybe she came out here after a concert. Maybe she was frozen with fear. Either way it means I don’t have to remove her throat.

I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I began to run. I was much faster then any human could ever hope to be. I hit her hard with another swipe of my claws. She spun in the air and hit the ground hard. Disoriented for a moment she looked around. The full moon shining brightly on her face revealed her as a blond with pale features, nice face, full lips, and big green eyes. She didn’t understand why this was happening, but then again, neither did I. She turned on her stomach and began crawling as best she could. Her left arm was broken from the fall and bent almost straight up as if it were trying to fold in. I jumped in the way of her path and thew her into a nearby tree.

Her half shredded clothes barely covered her shuddering body. I could smell the hopelessness. The agony as her mind began to comprehend its end. She began crying. Not loudly. Nothing but salty tears beginning to run down her face. She looked at me for a moment and then closed her eyes tight. Seeing your own end is more then most people can bear. Her head tilted up toward the sky. I knew this was it.

I bit down hard into the neck and tore it from the torso. I dug into the soft, warm flesh and ate until my hunger satisfied. Only bits of her remained scattered along the ground. I saw the moon filled full and let out an inhuman howl. The night was mine and all would know.


One comment on “Beware the Moon

  1. I keep rereading this one. It’s good.

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