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If Only For A Moment

By Dillon Fortin I met her eyes. Such beautiful green eyes. Her hair was a soft brown and fell an inch past her shoulders. Straight, gleaming hair fallen a little forward to cover the right corner of her face. She wore a dress. Black engulfing the white center with red bows tied down the center […]

Impossible is only a word

A collection of videos blurring the boarder of the realm of possibility Skip the first minute and a half And perhaps the most impressive of all:   Update: here’s another

Star Wars Movie

With friends as the Characters. Dillon Fortin as Luke Skywalker Tyler Carter as Han Solo Our friend Jessica Clark as Leia Lifeguard Kyle as Lando


Tyler Carter I said “I don’t know why you ever would lie to me, but I’m a little untrusting when I think the truth is going to hurt you.”  I looked up at her briefly, and left the house. It was a cool night in November.  I hopped on my bike and drove off without […]

Beware the Moon

By Dillon Fortin I could smell her blood. A mix of adrenaline and fear added in after she saw what gashed her shoulder. She ran. I gotta let them run or my fun don’t last long. She tried to scream but no noise could be heard. Maybe she came out here after a concert. Maybe […]

This cup of coffee tastes like a kiss.

By Jessica Clark It shoots through my veins as though replacing my blood, makes it difficult to stand under my own power. Cool on my lips, hot to the taste, sweet but with a cutting edge of black bitterness. And it makes me remember you, standing on the edge of the street as though it […]