Dream Night 4.28.10

The beginning of this dream I began flying all around my college campus.  I had some sort of surgical impact in my back that turned into some sort of jet pack but it didn’t shoot out fire and it also let me move at extreme speeds to go back in time for small bits.  I was like a superhero and was saving people and just enjoying myself.

Had a friend (we’ll call him Jack) ask me to help him save a bad date he was on. He really liked this blonde girl (we’ll call her Jill) but the date had been a disaster so he wanted me to jump back to the beginning of the date to stop all the bad things from happening. He was my friend so I did but every time I fixed something, he screwed up at another part and after awhile I asked Jill if she even wanted to date him. She said no.  Right then I ran into my love interest (We’ll call her Ruth) and she was beautiful.  Brunette with pretty brown eyes.  She wanted to come along for the time jump back to the beginning of the date so everything would go as it should. Whenever I jump backwards I am where I was at that moment so I went back and instead did not interfere with the date but took Ruth on our own special date.  My friend Jack came to me and told me the same story as before but I told him I tried 7 times before know that it just wasn’t meant to be, “Unlike me and Ruth,” I told him. Then Ruth and I kissed passionately and flew off into the distance.

Then I was flying again, alone this time, when something with the machine bonded to my back began to give out! I began falling toward the earth and at the last minute, pulled a parachute to save myself. At this point, for some reason, I was wearing a leather jacket but during the tough landing it was damaged so I threw it off and went into a party nearby that watched me crash. Fixed the machine and found Ruth there who was very woried about me and I began to have fun and then…

I woke up.



4 comments on “Dream Night 4.28.10

  1. I already know this story, Hiro.

    • What? I just dreamt it. The time travel was also a little different. I cold only go backward, not forward. Something to do with “Seeing the future, automatically changes it so there is no point in seeing it.” Same thing with the past. I could only jump a day at most it seems and I could change things if I wanted or jump back again and let things happen the way they would have without my interference if it was better that way. The flying was a major plus though. Nothing beats it.

      • The time travel reminded me of the episode where Hiro tried to save the one guy but every time he went back, the guy would find a different way to mess it up. There’s a Fringe episode where a guy is trying to go back in time but he can never figure out how to go farther back than a day. Good story though. Some of my favorite writings are inspired by or started as dreams.

    • Yeah It’s how George Lucas apparently came up with Star Wars. Dreams have great ideas inside just waiting to break out

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