Young Justice. Score.

Cartoon Network is coming out with a bunch of new cartoons and some revamping of a couple old ones.  One of the ones I’m really excited for is Young Justice. Check out the Promo image:

Young Justice

As you should be able to tell by the name of the site, I’m a big Superman fan and I’ve always read Superboy too.  A new superhero show is always good news for me.

Now if they could get an all-new Superman cartoon going…


5 comments on “Young Justice. Score.

  1. Wow, that image looks really good. If they keep that up in the animation then it just might be worth a watch. I was really sad when they canceled Teen Titans and this Robin looks awesome!

  2. Update: Airs November 2010 on Cartoon Network

  3. Did it live up to the hype in your opinion? We thought it was pretty good. Certainly the animation quality was. The plot too a while to pay off though.

    Here is our take on Season 1 with a lot of pics, and more humor than the show, if your are interested:


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