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Dream Night 4.28.10

The beginning of this dream I began flying all around my college campus.  I had some sort of surgical impact in my back that turned into some sort of jet pack but it didn’t shoot out fire and it also let me move at extreme speeds to go back in time for small bits.  I […]

Ty wants one

Free Comic Book Day is May 1st

Anti-Zombie Night Table

For zombies

Young Justice. Score.

Cartoon Network is coming out with a bunch of new cartoons and some revamping of a couple old ones.  One of the ones I’m really excited for is Young Justice. Check out the Promo image: As you should be able to tell by the name of the site, I’m a big Superman fan and I’ve […]

I want to be a superhero

and a fireman, and a scientist, and a musician, and a film director, an an entrepreneur, and a pilot, and a writer, and a soldier, and all these things, but what I want most is to find a way to want to be myself, but I struggle with it all the time. Good company is […]

Take a Walk

I find when my head is full of stress and different thoughts that taking a walk can really help clear it up.  Figure out a destination where you can sit for awhile with nothing to distract you but the wind in the trees.  Walk and let your mind wander through all the things cluttering it. […]